iPad is shiny and makes you look hip?

You can call me apple fanboy.

iPad is indeed shiny and can make you look hip. But it’s not that bad. Lot of people say iPad is a “bigger iPhone”, well, yes and no. Let’s face it, netbook is a smaller laptop, Pentium is a faster 486, 23″ LCD is a bigger 17″ LCD. Would you say they are the same? Come on, they are so different. I like reading slashdot or facebook sitting on my sofa with an iPad. For this iPhone is way too small and slow, netbook is way too overkill, and iPad is just fine. The same logic applies when you are on the street – will you use iPad to read google map? Heck no. Every use case has its most convenient form factor, it’s just that simple.

I like this:

It’s not that you can’t do things the iPad does if you don;t own one, it just offers a different way to do them that some may find convenient. I personally don’t need a miniaturised computer with a full keyboard, array of ports, CD drive etc for the times I want to quickly check my email or watch a TV show on iPlayer in my living room. A netbook can do both of those things perfectly well, but in both cases it’s a little bit overkill – if I want to type a serious email or a long document I go to my main computer. If I’m watching TV, all I need is a screen.

I have an XBMC box connected to the TV which I control with my iPhone, and I know the equivalent iPad app would look lovely with all those graphics and banners on the large screen, with more room for the touch controls and information – it would be practically like being in Star Trek with a Padd or Tricorder. Essential? Not at all. Controllable with my standard Apple IR remote that came with the iMac? Of course. Better than using that remote? Definitely.

When you boil down any modern convenience you are left with “what can you do that you couldn’t do before” and the only real answer is “a new choice in how to do something”. You could cook food before the microwave, you could check your email before the netbook, you could make a cup of tea before the electric kettle, you could make a phone call before the cellphone.

So, yes it doesn’t do as much as a netbook, but what if it doesn’t need to? More choice is good and it adds a new option for those looking for extensions to their main computer.


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