Developing Web Application in Google’s Go Language

A few weeks ago I started working on a MVC framework for Google’s Go language – I call it fastweb. The development was fun and it is going pretty well that I can now create some useful webapps with the current set of features:

  • it has its own fastcgi implementation – you basically configure apache/lighttpd to point to an external fastcgi server
  • basic request routing/dispatching
  • it uses a modified version of Go’s template package as the template engine, which is kind of a clone of json-template.
  • the “element” and “controller’s element” concept – elements are re-usable parts that you can embed in your view template
  • POST form parsing (both application/x-www-form-urlencoded and multipart/form-data)
  • file upload (multipart/form-data)

As shown in the project page, a controller can be as simple as:

package main

import (

type Products struct {
        name string
        brand string
        features []string
        specifications []string
        image string

func (p *Products) View(id string) os.Error {
        if id == "ah64" {
       = "RC Apache AH64 4-Channel Electric Helicoper"
                p.brand = "Colco"
                p.features = []string{
                        "4 channel radio control duel propeller system",
                        "Full movement controll: forward, backward, left, right, up and down",
                        "Replica design",
                        "Revolutionary co-axial rotor technology",
                p.specifications = []string{
                        "Dimensions: L 16 Inches X W 5.5 Inches x H 6.5 Inches",
                        "Battery Duration: 10 min",
                        "Range: 120 Feet",
                p.image = "/img/ah64.jpg"
        return nil

func main() {
        a := fastweb.NewApplication()

Pretty cool huh?


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