Sometimes it’s not m$’s fault…

Oh, I am not defending m$, I just don’t feel good about some software companies. The following is a comment to a post on slashdot about upgrading to Windows 7:

> In my experience, if you have a real, live system and you upgrade Windows, you can expect everything non-MS to break. Critical registry entries get deleted, DLLs go missing, directories get moved and everything goes to hell in a hand-basket.

Exactly, and you want to know why?

Microsoft follows their publised API’s and published guidelines. Most other companies DO NOT. They take shortcuts to try and get things done quicker and almost always get it wrong.

If it runs on Vista, it should run on Windows 7, if it breaks, the developer fucked up.

Apple, Real, AOL, Apple, Symantec, Adobe, McAfee, IBM and Apple I’m talking about YOU. Especially Apple, ITunes is an over-engineered crapfest that touches things it shouldn’t touch in the OS. (In their defense, they have gotten slightly better lately, but itunes still lives in a dedicated VM on my computer).

Yea, many times, we should first blame those who created all those craps…… one common thing about these apps is that all of them try to install their own fxxking system tray icon and update manager/scheduler/service, and most of them can be broken anytime without any reason, even worse they can break other apps.


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