The true flamebait

I hate Microsoft. I hate Microsoft more than many of you because I bought a copy of Office 2007 for $500 and got no answer of my question in their supporting forum. Don’t ask me why I bought Office 2007, it’s for writing up my thesis while my boss ONLY use Winword and if you are my friend you should know I use Linux 99.9999% of the time and I used to contribute much to some OSS projects. But really, I don’t see why you slashdot guys lost your mind *everytime* you talk about Microsoft. I don’t mean Microsoft is anything good, but why can there be a fucking stupid guy marking the below comment to this post as flamebait????

“They are not Microsoft.


They are beyond criticism.

Anything that is not Microsoft, and makes us feel like the hipper kids in the street, is automatically beyond criticism. We all wish we were the rich kids in Redmond, but since we’re townies instead, we will speak ill of them any time we can. Macintosh is not from Redmond. True, they are greedy and wealthy. But they are not our enemy so they are us.”

Athloi, I am definitely with your point: they always see anything not Microsoft as political correct. Why can anyone be so confident that OS X must be better than Vista in terms of security? I didn’t really use Vista, nor OS X, and I don’t give a shit. It’s just not helpful to rant endlessly (and sometimes pointlessly) at everything about Microsoft as many of the slashdot commentators do.

I really don’t think it will make you look more cool by using a Mac/Linux instead of Windows. That sounds like a kid who believes he will jump higher to dunk with a pair of Nike basketball shoes. You jump high only if you can jump.


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