What the hxxl is going on with AOL?

To conclude, quoting a comment from \.

> saddening to see such a massive amount of
> resources and time and energy spent on those
> issues, rather than everything else that
> should be done.

Yes, it's sad. That's why I quit giving AOL my money.

The facts laid out by the Gaim developers were:

* GAIM had the name first
* AOL forced them to take the name GAIM because "GTK + AOL Instant Messenger" was too infringing.
* When AOL decided to trademark AIM, GAIM became too infringing
* AOL systematically and repeatedly harassed the developers until they gave up

What a bunch of assholes, but I suppose that's what runs Time Warner. "Ass on Line" sounds like a good name for them.

Lessons learned:

* Trademark your name right away.
* AOL sucks
* "IP" Law sucks, so the first lesson may also be a waste of time.


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